Naomi's work with patients, physicians and clients demonstrates consummate skills, graciousness, and focus on the client objectives."
Nancy Adams
Reasons Clients Work with Naomi Klayman

Broad Experience

  • More than 20 years of market research and consulting including: medical/health communication, pharmaceutical product life-cycle research, health insurance and managed care, patient/customer satisfaction, and business-to-business.

– Provides research analysis that goes beyond the descriptive and draws out findings that have a direct impact on business decisions and next steps.

  • Management of diverse teams addressing complex business issues.

– Facilitates situations that are potentially divisive so that all parties achieve buy-in and work toward creative solutions.

  • Mentoring adults, including: research methods and design, moderating skills, cross-cultural communication, and scholarly and business writing.

– Uses methods identified by Malcolm Knowles that address adult learning so that learners have control over the learning situation, building confidence and self-esteem as well as skills. This accounts for Naomi’s high level of success, even when working with senior-level writers and moderators.

  • Outreach and tutoring in diverse communities, including the underprivileged and foreign-born.

– Brings an appreciation for class issues and cultural relativity to the design and analysis of projects.
– Allows her to work across diverse populations, appreciating the full context of class and cultural interpretation of target materials or business goals.

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